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Garlic Flavor Millet Biscuit 70g

Product Details

Finished with garlic flavor. It is a biscuit that every Kochi citizen knows. Millet, which was eaten by grandpa, grandma, dad, and mom, is famous as a serious freak. Using 100% seawater and sun-dried salt, I think it is a biscuit that has a crispy flavor and a crunchy texture that is exceptionally simple yet addictive. The taste and quality that have not changed since ancient times remind us of the origin of strangeness.



Wheat flour, sugar, seaning, vegetable oil, grape sugar, salt, leavening agent, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), spices, yeast powder, seasoning oil, defatted milk powder, vegetable protein, flavors, vegetable powder, fine silicon oxide, sweeteners ( Sweetener, stevia

Garlic Flavor Millet Biscuit 70g 2.jpg
Garlic Flavor Millet Biscuit 70g.jpg
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