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DENTAL CARE Toothbrush Co Arang Nano Cha

DENTAL CARE Toothbrush Co Arang Nano Charcoal Soft To Medium Bristles Straight Handle 1pcs

Product Details

  • Thin, soft, pointed upper bristles penetrate deeply into the spaces between teeth that are difficult to reach with conventional toothbrushes. Medium-hard, rounded lower bristles perfectly clean tooth enamel without damaging it. Thanks to brushing the teeth with such brushes, blood circulation is improved, the gums are massaged, and the resistance of the oral cavity to infections increases. the brush contributes to a long-term feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

  • Manufactured using a patented technology. The antibacterial effect is confirmed by laboratory tests. FDA and ISO certificated.

Benefits of using

  • Charcoal protects the oral cavity, strengthens the gums, has whitening, antibacterial and deodorant functions. The bristles produced with the addition of charcoal retains its effect until the expiration date of the toothbrush.


Suitable for

  • people with weak gums.

DENTAL CARE Toothbrush Co Arang Nano Cha
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