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日本MILBON玫丽盼 橙色头皮深层清洁发膜 橙色 4枚入


  • 适合油性头皮,爱出油的人
  • 超级温和的头皮护理产品,主要针对头皮发炎、油脂分泌旺盛以及毛囊堵塞等问题






MILBON Deep Cleansing Hair Mask #Orange 4pcs


  • Suitable for oily scalp, people who love oil
  • Super gentle scalp care products, mainly for scalp inflammation, strong oil secretion and clogged hair follicles


How to use:

Apply to scalp and massage when dry hair before shampooing, wash off after a few minutes, and then proceed to subsequent shampoo and conditioner



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玫丽盼 橙色头皮深层清洁发膜 MILBON Deep Cleansing Hair Mask 4pcs

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