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日本MILBON玫丽盼 新款深粉色发膜 4+ 前男友发膜 4枚入


  • 适合普通或受损发质
  • 可迅速深入毛发内部,补给水分及油分
  • 改善毛发粗硬干燥、暗哑无光、触感不佳及毛发内部保水力下降等问题



彻底润湿头发后,取适量均匀涂抹于整个头发,并充分起泡后再洗。 然后彻底冲洗。



MILBON Grand Linkage 4+ Hair Treatment #Normal Hair 4pcs


  • For Normal or Damaged hair
  • Can quickly penetrate deep into the hair to replenish moisture and oil
  • Improves the problems of rough and dry hair, dull and dull hair, poor touch, and decreased water retention inside the hair


How to use:

After wetting the hair thoroughly, take an appropriate amount and apply it evenly on the entire hair, and lather well before washing. Then rinse thoroughly.



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玫丽盼 深粉色4+前男友发膜 MILBON Grand Linkage 4+ Hair Treatment 4pcs

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