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日本MILBON玫丽盼 沙龙专业胶原蛋白发膜 细软/轻微受损发质 紫色6 深层滋养 2枚入


  • 适合细软,轻微受损发质
  • 头发修复成分填充剂角质酰胺可修复因日常洗发水而漏出的蛋白质的发梢



彻底润湿头发后,取适量均匀涂抹于整个头发,并充分起泡后再洗。 然后彻底冲洗。




MILBON Deep Energement 6 Hair Treatment 2pcs


  • For Fine, or Slightly Damaged hair
  • Hair repair ingredient Filler keratinamide repairs the ends of the protein leaked by daily shampoo


How to use:

After wetting the hair thoroughly, take an appropriate amount and apply it evenly on the entire hair, and lather well before washing. Then rinse thoroughly.



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玫丽盼 紫色6胶原蛋白发膜 MILBON Deep Energement 6 Hair Treatment 2pcs

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