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韩国 VT 玻尿酸防晒喷雾 150ml


  • 清爽水漾质地,柔滑水感易延伸,不会带来厚重的油腻感,也不搓泥,用感令人满意。
  • 高达SPF50+PA+++防晒系数,12小时持久抗光,呵护你的肌肤免受紫外线影响。
  • 以皇牌的三重玻尿酸为肌肤深层保湿锁水、抗炎修护且强化肌肤保护层,稳定肤况。
  • 同时有助改善色点、柔嫩焕光、补水舒缓并呵护晒后肌。



  1. 使用前先摇晃4至5下,喷于身体距离肌肤15至20cm位置,避免直接喷于面部,亦可先喷于掌心再涂于面上。






  • Moisturising sun spray that protects the skin from strong UV rays and provides a refreshing and cool feeling to the skin without cloudiness, helping to block UV rays and care for moisture.                                                   
  • 8 types of hyaluronic acid are added to help dry skin with moisture and moisturizing film formation, which is a VT moisture boosting ingredient that covers the skin with a subtle moisture glow.
  • Moist and refreshing feeling at the moment of spraying with rich moisture.
  • It contains a lot of moisture, so the moment you spray it, you can feel the cool moisture and soothing cooler ingredients soothing and moisturizing skin dry by UV rays (*Soothing cooler: aloe vera leaf extract, kelp extract, yam root extract)
  •  Moisture sun spray for a light and fresh finish without cloudiness
  • It is a sun spray type that can be easily used anytime, anywhere. It is layered transparently without cloudiness even when sprayed multiple times.
  • It is not sticky and has a light and refreshing finish.
  •  DME gas filling & triple functional moisture sun spray
  • Whitening, anti-wrinkle, UV protection triple functions to protect skin from UV rays
  • Helps skin whitening and wrinkle improvement, and provides healthy UV care by filling DME gas that is harmless to the human body.


How to use:

  1. Shake the container sufficiently before use and spray it on arms, legs, and neck that are easily exposed to UV rays at a distance of about 20cm. (※ Do not spray near the face.)


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韩国 VT 玻尿酸防晒喷雾 150ml SUPER HYALON SUN SPRAY SPF 50+ PA +++ 150ML

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