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香港3M NEXCARE 豆痘隐形贴 36片入


  • 吸收分泌物,保护其免受污垢和污染物的侵害,并促进痤疮的愈合。
  • 没有药物敷料会减少皮肤过敏或干燥的机会。
  • 通过减少手或其他污染物的接触来减少感染。
  • 垫变白时清洗/覆盖/美化/更换。
  • Nexcare™薄痤疮吸收垫是一种低矮的垫子,其作用就像海绵一样,可以吸收毛孔中的脓和油脂,并且还可以起到保护作用,以防止细菌和感染风险。



  1. 只需将它剥下,然后在清洁和风干后将其放在痘痘上即可。
  2. 轻轻按压5秒钟,以将其固定到位。
  3. 当所有的油都被吸收后,盖子会变成白色,这给您一个明显的迹象表明它有被吸收。




3M NEXCARE Acne Dressing Pimple Stickers 36pcs


  • Absorb secretion, protect from dirt and contaminants, and promotes healing of acne.
  • No medication dressing reduces the chances of skin allergy or dried.
  • Reduce infection by reducing the contacts of hands or other contaminants.
  • Cleanse / Cover / Beautify / Change when the pad turns white.
  • Nexcare™ Acne Absorbing Cover is a low-profile pad that works like a sponge to absorb pus and oil from the pores.
  • Acts as protective cover to keep away germs and risks of infection.


How to use:


  1. Simply peel a cover off the liner and place it over the blemish after cleaning and air dry.
  2. Slightly press upon the cover for 5 seconds to secure it in place.
  3. The cover turns white when all the oil has been absorbed, giving you a visible sign that it's working.



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香港3M NEXCARE 豆痘隐形贴 36片入 3M NEXCARE Acne Dressing Pimple Stickers 36pcs

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