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韩国 ABIB 阿彼芙 弱酸柚子美白面膜 1pcs


  • pH值几乎与您的皮肤接近的水晶般透明的皮肤包可以呵护您的皮肤,并且不会刺激皮肤。
  • 增强皮肤的免疫力并调节pH值平衡,以保持皮肤健康。
  • 它可以保湿并增强保湿力,并保持皮肤水分。
  • 特殊的ALBAM床单,由竹纤维和白蛋白制成(例如蛋白)。
  • 如果在皮肤上使用背包,则该薄层开始收紧并改善皮肤弹性,同时提供有效的精华成分和吸收性成分。
  • 用30毫升的安瓿瓶滋润您的皮肤,而不会刺激皮肤。



  1. 卸妆洗脸。
  2. 将面膜敷在脸上,同时避开眼部和唇部区域。面膜的设计适合各种脸型。
  3. 10 到 20 分钟后取下面膜。
  4. 将剩余的精华轻轻拍打在脸上。




ABIB Mild Acidic PH Sheet Mask Yuja Fit 1pcs


  • Take care of your skin with crystal clear skin pack with pH value which is nearly close to your skin's without any irritation.
  • Strengthen immunity of skin and adjust pH balance to maintain healthy skin.
  • It hydrates and strengthens moisturizing power and maintain your skin hydrated.
  • Special ALBAM sheet made of bamboo fabric and albumin(egg white).
  • If you apply pack to skin, the sheet starts to tighten and improve elasticity of skin while providing effective ingredients of essence and absorbing.
  • Moisturize your skin with a 30ml bottle of ampoule without any skin irritation.


How to Use:

  1. Remove your make up and wash your face.
  2. Place the mask on your face, while avoiding your eye and lip area. The mask is designed to fit each and every face shape.
  3. Remove the face mask after 10 to 20 minutes.
  4. Gently tap the left over product onto your face.



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韩国 ABIB 阿彼芙 弱酸柚子美白面膜 1pcs ABIB Mild Acidic PH Sheet Mask Yuja Fit 1pcs

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