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日本 AMETHYST 抗菌宝宝专用棉棒 150pcs


  • 含有天然抗菌成分壳聚糖的抗菌婴儿棉签。使用低变应原性天然抗菌剂壳聚糖。
  • 由dango(单棉)制成的棉签,表面不平整,可以清除耳朵和鼻子上的污垢。
  • 用于清洁耳朵,鼻子,嘴等。
  • 用于化妆。




AMETHYST Antibacterial Baby Cotton Swab 150pcs


  • An antibacterial baby cotton swab containing the natural antibacterial ingredient chitosan. Uses the hypoallergenic natural antibacterial agent chitosan.
  • A cotton swab made of dango (single cotton) that has an uneven surface and can remove dirt from the ears and nose.
  • For cleaning ears, nose, mouth, etc.
  • For makeup.



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日本 AMETHYST 抗菌宝宝专用棉棒 150pcs AMETHYST Antibacterial Baby Cotton Swab 150pcs

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