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日本 ASAHI 朝日 奶油糙米糠豆奶吉士 72g


  • 用面团将富含奶油的蛋奶沙司打磨,然后将其与糙米和麦麸揉合,然后烘烤以酥脆的香味。
  • 另外,豆浆粉用于面团和奶油。它在身体上美味可口。
  • 膳食纤维,钙,铁和10种往往缺乏的维生素。
  • 这是一种营养调节食品,咀嚼越多,您就可以享受天然的甜味和质感。




ASAHI Cream Brown Rice Blanc Soymilk Custard 72g


  • Sandwich with rich custard cream, kneaded with brown rice and wheat bran, and baked with a crispy fragrance.
  • In addition, soy milk powder is used for the dough and cream. It is delicious and gentle on the body.
  • Dietary fiber, calcium, iron and 10 vitamins that tend to be deficient.
  • It is a nutritionally adjusted food that you can enjoy the natural sweetness and texture as you chew.



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日本 ASAHI 朝日 奶油糙米糠豆奶吉士 72g ASAHI Cream Brown Rice Blanc Soymilk Custard 72g

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