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日本ASHIRIRA树之惠足美人天然树液足贴粉蓝玫瑰 2枚


  • 用华丽甜美优雅的玫瑰香气放松的心情。
  • 唤醒女性的感性,提升女性力! 



  1. 睡前将足贴贴在脚底,第二天早上起床后撕下。(大约6-8小时后)
  2. 足贴的颜色会从白色变成棕色。




ASHIRIRA Detox Foot Patch Rose 2 sheets


  • helps you to get a better rest feeling and become more energetic than usual compared to the couple weeks before if you continue to use it.


How to use:

  1. Apply the foot patch on the bottom of the feet before sleeping and tear it off the next day morning after waking up. (around 6-8 hours later)
  2. The colour of the foot patch will change from white to brown.



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日本ASHIRIRA树之惠足美人天然树液足贴粉蓝玫瑰 2枚 ASHIRIRA Detox Foot Patch Rose 2sheets

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