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日本 AVANCE 睫毛增长精华 7ml


  • 增长睫毛 浓密 使睫毛根部更加坚固。
  • 根据睫毛生长周期研究制作而成,以有效的诱导毛发生长的精华配合胡萝卜素精华。

  • 促进睫毛生长,使睫毛再生,针对睫毛脱落,稀薄等症状有良好功效

  • 刷出浓密真实美睫,无须依靠假睫毛。

  • 无香料,无着色,无油,无酒精。



  1. 每晚保养最后一步擦上即可。
  2. 亦可于使用睫毛膏前使用,谨记必须待精华液干透后才刷上睫毛膏。




AVANCE Eye Lash Serum Ex 7ml


  • Grow eyelashes thicker and make eyelash roots stronger.
  • Enhances the reproduction of lashes.
  • It reduces hair loss and increases the volume.
  • Blood circulation is enhanced when applying it on the hair root and resulted in lashes reborn.
  • It repairs damaged lashes, leaving lashes healthy and beautiful-looking.


How to use:

  1. Just wipe it on the last step of maintenance every night.
  2. It can also be used before applying mascara.
  3. Remember to apply mascara only after the essence is dry.



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日本 AVANCE 睫毛增长精华 7ml AVANCE Eye Lash Serum Ex 7ml

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