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日本BCL MOMO PURI 桃子保湿啫喱面霜 80g


  • 深层滋润
  • BCL momopuri桃子乳酸菌啫喱面霜是涂的乳酸菌➕蜜桃神经酰胺。
  • 含有的蜜桃神经酰胺可以快速渗透进皮肤与角质层中的水结合,形成网状结构锁住水分。
  • 保持肌肤弹力光泽
  • 富含的乳酸菌E-12,一滴就含有大约80亿个乳酸菌抗过敏,守护娇嫩皮肤。
  • 这个面霜是啫喱与乳液相结合的质地,滋润的同时没有油腻感。
  • 味道也是特别清甜的桃子味。延展性也很好,一丢丢就能涂全脸,吸收很快。
  • 第二天起来脸部非常保湿,一点都不干。








BCL MOMO PURI Gel Cream 80g


  • This cream contains spreadable lactic acid bacteria and peach ceramide.
  • It is a moisturizing cream with beauty lotion, suitable for dry autumn and winter.
  • The faint peach fruit scent can satisfy the girl's pink heart when eating a fruit feast for the skin.
  • Super cute peach powder box design
  • Deeply moisturizing
  • BCL momopuri peach lactic acid bacteria gel cream is coated with lactic acid bacteria + peach ceramide.
  • The peach ceramide contained can quickly penetrate into the skin and combine with the water in the stratum corneum to form a network structure to lock water.
  • Keep skin elastic and shiny
  • Rich in lactic acid bacteria E-12, one drop contains about 8 billion lactic acid bacteria to fight allergies and protect delicate skin.
  • This cream is a combination of gel and lotion.
  • It is moisturizing and does not feel greasy.
  • The taste is also very sweet and peachy. 
  • The malleability is also very good, it can be applied to the whole face with one loss, and it is absorbed quickly.
  • suitable for all skin types


How to use:

  1. After cleansing or using toner,
  2. take an appropriate amount on the palm of the hand
  3. gently apply to the entire face.



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日本BCL MOMO PURI 桃子保湿啫喱面霜 80g BCL MOMO PURI Gel Cream 80g

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