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日本BCL SABORINO 早安面膜秋冬水果限定青桔 28片


  • 使用不含農藥、來自佐賀縣產的青柑橘,並配合滋潤保濕的奢華牛奶乳液,有抗酸化及抗過敏等效果外,短短60秒就能讓肌膚充飽水
  • 属于敲清爽的柠檬比绿色的那个薄荷的还要爽估计贴片就瞬间醒了 
  • 收细毛孔清理老化角质收细毛孔的同时还会滋润肌肤。
  • 添加了黄瓜精华柠檬果皮精华蜂蜜水溶性胶原蛋白玻尿酸苹果酸(角质护理)维生素c维生素A葉果実葉果皮果実果実水溶性酸Na酸(角質)酸(角質)以上全保湿成分誘導体()(酸)早起贴一张洗脸水乳护理隔离三合一~后续直接化妆即可。



  1. 小心地从包装中取出一张,让面膜完全覆盖你的脸。
  2. 确保将其展开而没有皱纹。
  3. 60 秒后,取下面膜,轻轻拍打脸部。




BCL SABORINO Morning Face Mask Premium Green Orange 28pcs


  • Skin care from face wash in 60 seconds.
  • A morning sheet mask that can be used without having to clean your fresh skin.
  • Introducing the Morning Premium, which is a rich milk moisturizing type Premium, which is a luxurious material, with even higher moisture retention.
  • Moisturizing power of Saborino Series No.1.
  • Moisturizing skin with a sheet mask containing plenty of milk emulsion.
  • Even in the morning when you want to sleep, it's easy to clean and moisturize to make your skin look good.


How to use:

  1. Carefully take out one sheet from the package, let the mask fully cover you face.
  2. Make sure to spread it out with no wrinkles.
  3. After 60 seconds, take the mask and gently pat around your face.



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日本 BCL SABORINO 早安面膜秋冬水果限定青桔 28片 Morning Face Mask Premium Green Orange 28pcs

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