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日本 BCL 纤长卷翘温水可卸防水睫毛液 8g


  • 纤长卷翘温水可卸防水睫毛液能使睫毛24小时一直保持纤长卷翘,卷曲度200%UP!
  • 大量纤维使睫毛又羽毛般上扬究极纤长,重覆刷上也不会结块。
  • 新世代的睫毛液,防水.防汗.防皮脂,同时温水可卸。
  • 日本销量达500万的人气纤长睫毛液。



  1. 弧形刷头,可让您将睫毛从根部提升至尖端。
  2. 用细刷头将那些短睫毛和难以触及的区域分开。




BCL Slender Curling Warm Water Removable Waterproof Mascara 8g


  • Slender curling warm water removable and waterproof mascara can keep the lashes long and curly for 24 hours, and the curl is 200% UP!
  • A large amount of fiber makes the lashes feather-like and extremely long, and will not clump on repeated brushes.
  • The new generation of mascara is waterproof.
  • Anti-sweat.
  • Anti-sebum, while warm water can be unloaded.
  • The popular slender mascara with a sales volume of 5 million in Japan.


How to use:

  1. A curved brush that allows you to lift up your lashes from roots to tips.
  2. Use the fine brush tip to separate those short lashes and hard-to-reach area.



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BCL 纤长卷翘温水可卸防水睫毛液 8g BCL Slender Curling Warm Water Removable Waterproof Mascara

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