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日本 KAO 花王 碧柔 夜间睡眠补水保湿眼膜 8 pairs


  • 触摸并立即感觉到。
  • 睡觉时小心密封过夜。
  • 第二天早上,保湿,柔软和蓬松。
  • 高度湿润的包装配方的凝胶包装。
  • 整夜将滋润的水深入角质层。
  • 消除了由干燥引起的细纹(经功效评估)。
  • 具有高附着力和柔和的贴合设计,可以将水分紧紧密封到早晨。







Biore Tegotae Moisture Gel Pack 8pairs


  • Touch and feel instantly.
  • Careful sealing overnight while sleeping.
  • The next morning, moisturized, supple and fluffy.
  • Highly airtight gel pack of Moist Packing Formula.
  • Deliver moisturized deep into the horny layer all night.
  • Eliminates fine lines caused by drying (Efficacy evaluation tested).
  • Moisture tightly sealed until morning with high adhesion and supple fitting design.


How To Use:

1. After washing your face, use after applying a lotion to your face.
2. Do not apply latex or cream before applying the pack.
3. Peel off the transparent film and apply it to the skin.
4. Touch it lightly to prevent air from entering between the skin and the pack.
5. After pasting the pack, avoid using the pasted portion of the pack, and use your usual emulsion / cream.
6. Take a rest overnight with the pack attached, and peel it off the next morning.



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日本 KAO 花王 碧柔 夜间睡眠补水保湿眼膜 8 pairs Biore Tegotae Moisture Gel Pack 8pairs

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