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日本BISON 毛穴匠角栓达人粉刺清除夹 1pcs



  • 日本设计携带使用超方便
  • 针对鼻头、眉间毛穴粉刺
  • 尖端圆滑设计,完全服贴肌肤
  • 位于鼻翼与脸颊间的小角度也能绝妙服贴
  • 超密贴夹头,细小难清楚的小粉刺也可以轻松清除
  • 运用尖头处个别夹除小粉刺
  • 或斜面处一次夹除复数粉刺都简单
  • 这款镊除了可以清除黑头以外也可用于修眉,贴双眼皮贴和贴假睫毛等。

  • 方便携带。

  • 材质:不锈钢、聚烯烃
  • 尺寸:33.6*18.4*22cm 



  1. 使用前温毛巾先敷一下脸,让毛孔舒张。
  2. 贴近肌肤且将浮出表面的粉刺轻压夹出。
  3. 使用前后都需用酒精清洁- 使用后用化妆水收敛毛孔。




BISON Blackhead Remover 1pcs


  • It is suitable for nose and eyebrow acne acne.
  • The small angle can also be superbly attached.
  • The ultra-close chuck, the small and difficult small acne can be easily removed.
  • It is easy to use the pointed tip to remove small acne individually or to remove multiple acne at one time on the inclined surface.
  • Material: stainless steel, polyolefin 
  • Size: 33.6*18.4*22cm 
  • In addition to removing blackheads, these tweezers can also be used for eyebrow trimming, double eyelid stickers and false eyelashes. 
  • easy to carry.

How to use:

  1. Clean with warm water before use to open the pores and keep the facial skin fresh.
  2.  Align the tip of the clip with the blackhead, gently pinch the blackhead out, and then slowly pull out the blackhead with a flat jaw.
  3.  After use, pat the skin with toner or astringent to soothe and tighten.


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日本BISON 毛穴匠角栓达人粉刺清除夹 1pcs BISON Blackhead Remover 1pcs

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