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日本BISON 爆汗汤酵素分解入浴剂泡澡浴盐 #苏打汽水味 60g 范冰冰推荐


  • 含美肌成分,添加胶原蛋白,玻尿酸保湿精华,让肌肤滋润,更具弹性。
  • 脂肪分解。
  • 含有六种发热成分和紧致成分。
  • 畅快流汗、 光滑身体。
  • 这款浴盐包含了六种美肌成分,锗微量元素能,能够帮助排汗,缓解水肿情况,同时具有保湿的功效,让肌肤水嫩柔滑。
  • 温泉矿物质渗透肌肤底层,瞬间丝滑细致肌肤,生姜萃取加速热量排出。
  • 结束一天的疲惫回到家中,轻松享受锗元素碳酸浴



  1. 将入浴剂倒入约40~43度温水中(最合适水量为180升),添加特殊滋润颗粒内含炭酸气体遇水即霹雳啪啦声响,为正常现象。
  2. 每次泡浴时间约5~8分钟再出浴休息5分钟,再反复入浴2~3回,大约可消耗200-300卡路里。
  3. 冷热交替更能紧致排肿。
  4. 建议入浴泡汤前先喝一杯水。




BISON Germanium Bath Soda 60g


  • A new type of bath agent that warms the body with the sound of crackling and carbonic acid popping.
  • Rose champagne fragrance: sweat with clear pink hot water / skin moist (contains rose hip extract and rose extract).
  • Royal honey milk fragrance: sweaty with milky hot water / skin purpur (royal jelly extract with skim milk).
  • Ginger lemon scent: refreshing with refreshing hot water.
  • Hot ginger scent: more wrapping effect of tori-riyu, more sweaty (with guarana extract).
  • Soda squash scent: refreshing with nigori hot water.
  • Germanium, hot spring mineral, pepper extract, ginger extract, rock salt.


How to use:

  1. Make the temperature of hot water (180L) in the bathtub uniform, then put one package (60g), bath after thoroughly stirring.



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日本BISON 爆汗汤酵素分解入浴剂泡澡浴盐 #苏打汽水味 60g BISON Germanium Bath Soda 60g

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