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日本BSBAN大石膏盛堂 休足美丽足贴 24 pcs


  • 清凉舒缓凝胶贴片,逛街购物神器,长时间久站、运动也适合。
  • 采用高含水凝胶贴布,含天然植物成份,如:薰衣草、鼠尾草、迷迭香、柠檬、柑橘类等,带走双足热气,纾缓脚部疲劳!
  • 使用温和的AHA软化角质成分,软化角质层,快速回复肌肤柔嫩感。
  • 滋润力创造滑嫩感,保湿滋润脚跟。



  1. 沐浴后睡觉前,将脚部及小腿处擦拭干净
  2. 轻轻将透明的一面撕掉,对着足底,脚后跟或者小腿酸痛、肿胀处,平整贴上。
  3. 隔日清晨再撕掉即可。
  4. 撕开透明薄膜,贴在需要冷却的部位。
  5. 先不要完全撕开薄膜,揭开一半然后贴在足部,再将剩下的部分一点一点地揭开。
  6. 放入冰箱中保存,可以起到更好的冷却效果。(但切记不要放在冷冻室中)
  7. 为能最大作用发挥本品功效并保持卫生,一贴请只用一次。(如果感觉不到冷却感,请替换新贴)




BSBAN Premium Cooling Leg Pad 24pcs


  • Use mild AHA to soften the cutin, soften the cuticle, and quickly restore the skin's softness.
  • Moisturizing power creates a smooth and tender feeling, moisturizing and moisturizing the heel.


How to use:

  1. After bathing and before going to bed, wipe the feet and calves clean and
    gently tear off the transparent side, facing the soles of the feet, heels or the sore and swollen parts of the calves, and stick them flat.
  2. Just tear it off the next morning.
  3. Tear off the transparent film and stick it on the part that needs to be cooled.
  4. Don't tear the film completely, open half of it and stick it on the foot, then peel off the remaining part little by little.
  5. Put it in the refrigerator for better cooling effect. (But remember not to put it in the freezer)
  6. In order to maximize the effectiveness of this product and maintain hygiene, please use one sticker only once. (If you don't feel the cooling feeling, please replace it with a new sticker)



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

日本BSBAN大石膏盛堂 休足美丽足贴 24 pcs BSBAN Premium Cooling Leg Pad 24pcs

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