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日本CALBEE卡乐B 水果麦片 482g


  • 甄选优质原料,将所有原材料研磨成颗粒状,坚持非油炸,采用健康烘烤工艺制成。
  • 谷物与果干采用黄金配比,香脆软糯完美融合,酸甜可口,营养丰富。
  • 可以搭配牛奶、酸奶、冰激凌等多种方式食用。



  1. 加入牛奶或者原味豆浆,浓郁香脆,惊艳味蕾。
  2. 酸奶的浓醇酸甜,与水果麦片的酥脆浓香完美搭配。
  3. 加在各类沙拉中,增添酥脆甜香的口感好吃停不下来。




CALBEE Fruit Granola 482g


  • It can be used as a snack or eaten directly,
  • You can also add milk, yogurt, etc. as an early enjoyment.
  • 4 kinds of fruits, 4 kinds of grains, 3 kinds of fruits, 11 kinds of rich nutrition.
  • It brings nourishment and tastes at the same time.
  • The unique ratio and baking process achieve a different taste and mouthfeel.
  • The non-fried baking method makes you eat healthy.
  • Rich in vitamins and dietary fiber.
  • A classic, a must-have choice for a convenient, fast and delicious breakfast.
  • A variety of fruits and grains are scientifically matched with nutrition.
  • It's crispy and sweet, and it's delicious.


How to eat:

  1. Add milk or original soy milk, rich and crisp, amazing taste buds.
  2. The mellow and sweetness of yogurt matches perfectly with the crispy aroma of fruit oatmeal.
  3. Add it to all kinds of salads to add a crispy and sweet taste. It's delicious.



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日本CALBEE卡乐B 水果麦片 482g CALBEE Fruit Granola 482g

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