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CHOK CHOK Cherry Blossom & Honey Body Wash 250g


It is rich in 5 nourishing ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, collagen, honey, nicotinamide, and cherry blossom extract. This weakly acidic cleanser washes and protects the skin without damaging the natural protective layer; it can wash away the aging skin cell, moisturizes and makes skin fresh, smooth and scented!


How to use:

Use a damp towel, sponge or hands to gently rub the shower gel into foam, massage the skin, and rinse thoroughly with water.



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韩国CHOK CHOK 初出樱花丝绒沐浴露 250g







韩国CHOK CHOK 初出樱花丝绒沐浴露 250g CHOK CHOK Cherry Blossom & Honey Body Wash 250g

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