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韩国CHOK CHOK 网红鹅蛋护手霜 60ml


  • 韩国CHOKCHOK网红鹅蛋护手霜散发淡淡迷人香味,清新微甜,质地清爽水润,还吸收特快,获得爽滑的手部皮肤质感,还特别添加护肤界公认嫩白成分烟酰胺,坚持涂抹,嫩白双手指日可待。
  • 不仅能滋润保湿 、 淡化细纹、 改善粗燥及提亮肤色,还带有谈谈的樱花香!

  • 由法国订制研发进口香水调配成分

  • 可在使用过程中舒缓精神压力

  • 当你擦完后,手部会形成一道强化肌肤的【透明保护膜】能快速补充肌肤所需水分和养分,

  • Chok Chok 护手霜,质地清爽细腻,上手吸收特别快,滑滑的,水水嫩嫩的,一点油腻的感觉都没有哦~。

  • 而且淡淡的香味儿,闻起来特别舒服!还有是小瓶口的设计,用量可控,完全不担心用量问题!

  • 1000斤乳木果才能萃取出1公斤的它,含有丰富的植物固醇和维生素E同时具有神奇的滋润、促进表皮细胞再生

  • 赋予皮肤营养,能够有效舒缓、修复皮肤

  • 含有大名鼎鼎的美白成分的烟酰胺

  • 更加贴心的改变你的糙妹子小黑手,让你从此拥有白皙的软妹纸双手

  • 去除肌肤表层的死皮物质,同时还能唤醒皮肤的再生力、防皱抗皱让皮肤变得柔软光滑有光泽



  1. 取适量涂抹于手部并充分按摩至完全吸收



CHOK CHOK Love Hand Cream 60ml


  • Hand parts Skin care,elasticity of keratin, protection of damage, elimination of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It is especially effective for dry and rough skin.
  • It strengthens the skin barrier and replenishes moisture and nutrition to the skin and nails of the hands, providing clean, shining hands.
  • A soft creamy type will wrap your hand in a luxurious feeling.
  • Moisturizes, nourishes, and cares like a hand pack, giving it a thick, firm, gentle care for dry skin.
  • It solves problems such as rough hands, dry hands, skin-touched hands, fingernail wrinkles, cracks, and hard flesh.


How to use:

  1. Put certain amount of cream on back of hands and apply smoothly when hands get dry.



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韩国CHOK CHOK 网红鹅蛋护手霜 60ml CHOK CHOK Love Hand Cream 60ml

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