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日本 CLUB 出浴素颜美肌粉饼 百合花味 26g





  1. 使用化妆水或乳液等护肤品护理肌肤后,用粉扑沾取素颜粉并轻轻地涂抹至全脸。
  2. 未卸妆或洁面也可直接入睡。




CLUB Suppin Powder Pastel Lily 26g


  • No makeup removal, can be washed directly, or used before going to bed.
  • As the last step of maintenance, it can also be used as a make-up setting powder after makeup.
  • It is both a powder compact and a maintenance product.


How to use:

  1. Apply over the face with included puff for the perfect finishing touch.



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日本 CLUB 出浴素颜美肌粉饼 百合花味 26g CLUB Suppin Powder Pastel Lily 26g

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