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日本CLUB 24小时素颜美肌蜜粉餅 26g


  • 去年从“Suppin Powder”流行的限量香水,通过单一应用产生理想的裸露皮肤感觉,这一次得到了增强,其内容和包装将在今年夏天出现。
  • 细粉改善皮肤颜色不均匀,毛孔不明显,抑制光泽,使皮肤看起来透明。护肤粉消除了冲洗的需要。
  • 过滤组分(Arge提取物和Ogon根提取物)可保护皮肤免受烟草烟雾和灰尘以及大气中的有害物质的侵害。
  • 此外,涂有透明质酸和胶原蛋白(保湿成分)的粉末可保护皮肤的水分。
  • 冲绳县的月亮桃子提取物与冲绳县长期以来一直相爱,它使皮肤健康,使皮肤紧致。度假木槿的香味加上柑橘和热带花卉。
  • 有限的冲绳月亮桃萃取物(Getto叶子萃取物)



  1. 使用化妆水或乳液等护肤品护理肌肤后,用粉扑沾取素颜粉并轻轻地涂抹至全脸。
  2. 未卸妆或洁面也可直接入睡。




CLUB Suppin Powder Resort Hibiscus 26g


  • A limited fragrance that was popular last year from “Suppin Powder” that produces an ideal bare skin feeling with a single application, has been enhanced this time and its contents and package will appear this summer.
  • The fine powder makes the skin color unevenness and pores inconspicuous, suppresses shine and makes the skin look transparent with a bath. Skin care powder eliminates the need for washing.
  • The filter components (Arge extract and Ogon root extract) protect the skin from tobacco smoke and dust, and harmful substances in the atmosphere.
  • In addition, the powder coated with hyaluronic acid and collagen (moisturizing ingredient) protects the moisture of the skin.
  • Incorporated with the Okinawa Prefecture moon peach extract, which has been loved for a long time in Okinawa Prefecture, it makes the skin healthy and leads to firm skin. The scent of resort hibiscus plus citrus and tropical floral.
  • Limited Okinawa moon peach extract (Getto leaf extract)


How to use:

  1. Apply over the face with included puff for the perfect finishing touch.



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

日本CLUB 24小时素颜美肌蜜粉餅 26g CLUB Suppin Powder Resort Hibiscus 26g

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