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日本 COCOCHI 海洋补水面膜 5pcs


  • 深层补水保湿 长效锁水保湿 改善干燥肌底。
  • AG抗糖两部曲海洋极速补水面膜,选用日本四国岛高知县室户海洋深层水。

  • 北海道鲑鱼卵巢提取物、蛋白聚糖、复活草精华等具有极强补水保湿效果的精华成分。

  • 迅速渗透皮肤角质层,深层补水滋养皮肤。

  • 精选面膜纸材质,具有卓越吸液性能,纸质柔软舒适,超薄服帖。



  1. 洗颜后,用化妆水调整肌肤。

  2. 取下面膜左上方集中修护精华霜涂抹于眼周嘴角等问题部位。

  3. 撕开下半部面膜部分,贴合面部。

  4. 约15分钟后取下面膜。将剩余精华霜,美容液均匀涂抹于需要的部分。




COCOCHI AG Ultimate Ocean Mask 5pcs


  • Deep Moisturizing and Moisturizing.
  • Cocochi AG Ultimate Ocean Mask: Combining luxurious ingredients, activating skin cells weakened by dual care, maximizing restoration and water retention.

  • The human adipose-derived stem cell culture liquid contains 500 kinds of proteins that promote the activity of the cell, maximizing the self renewal ability of the skin to the utmost, leading to a normal turnover.

  • EGF was awarded the Nobel prize with amazing skin regeneration ability.

  • The ultimate aging care ingredient, the rejuvenating effect is the highest.

  • Kochi prefecture Muroto Ocean deep sea water, marine placenta, proteoglycan, resurrection grass extract, etc.

  • Ultimate moisturizing ingredients with high water retention and moisturizing power make it familiar to the skin, penetration deeply into the skin with excellent penetrating power.


How to use:

  1. After cleansing, apply the step 1 serum onto your face.
  2. Then put on the face mask, leave it for 15 minutes then remove.
  3. Gently pat in all the remaining essence.



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日本 COCOCHI 海洋补水面膜 5pcs COCOCHI AG Ultimate Ocean Mask 5pcs

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