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韩国 CODI 牛油果滋润手和身体乳 750ml


  • 一种用于脚,手和身体的深层滋养霜。
  • Codi的乳液将立即使您感到光滑和水分,并留下令人愉悦的香气,优雅自然的气味,没有恶心的感觉,让你即时补水。



  1. 洗净后涂抹于全身,滋润受损肌肤。
  2. 专注于干燥、粗糙的区域,如肘部和膝盖




CODI Avocado Hand & Body Lotion 750ml


  • Codi Lotion is an intensive nourishing cream for feet, hands and body.
  • Codi's lotion will instantly make you feel smooth and hydrated and leave a pleasant aroma behind.


How to use:

  1. Smooth over entire body after washing to moisturize damaged skin.
  2. Focus on dry, rough areas such as the elbows and knees.



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韩国 CODI 牛油果滋润手和身体乳 750ml CODI Avocado Hand & Body Lotion 750ml

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