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日本 DECORTE 黛珂 牛油果面霜 40g COSME大赏受赏


  • 黛珂新推出全新牛油果面霜,这款主要针对爱熬夜遇到的毛孔干燥、皮肤缺水、没弹性等问题,由于睡眠不足引起的皮肤暗沉,干燥引起的皮肤粗糙等,在睡觉时间把养分渗透到角质层内部,含夏威夷果油能够锁住肌肤深层水分,牛油果精华修复肌肤屏障。



  1. 晚间护理的最后一个步骤
  2. 以手指取一颗珍珠大小的份量,点于下巴、两颊、鼻子和额头,然后轻轻展开




COSME DECORTE Prime Latte Cream 40g


  • Contains avocado with excellent nutritional value and is known as forest cream.
  • It is an emulsion with a lot of plant and fruit extract oils.
  • The cream effectively utilizes the comfortable and pleasant soft texture, and the protective film with macadamia oil is excellent.
  • Plant-derived emollient ingredients such as avocado oil and sage essential oil can quickly penetrate the keratin.
  • Moisturizes the skin, creating a plump, translucent skin texture.
  • Macadamia nut oil with good water storage can lock the moisture even more and will not dry all night.
  • It is a style rich in oil content, but the texture is always moist and light.
  • It is also suitable for those who are not used to using creams or who do not like sticky texture.
  • Added essential oils.
  • With a beautiful and pleasant floral and herbal aroma.
  • It does not contain parabens and has passed the test for resistance.


How to use:

  1. Please use at the end of night care.
  2. Take an amount of pearl grains on your fingertips and spread it on your chin, cheeks, nose, and chin so that it blends well.



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日本 DECORTE 黛珂 牛油果面霜 40g COSME大赏受赏 COSME DECORTE Prime Latte Cream 40g

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