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日本 COSME DECORTE 黛珂 牛油果乳液 150ml


  • 营养价值非常高的鳄梨,和其他水果和植物提取物四种天然植物油配合软肌肉乳液。
  • 使用前只需加入普通爽肤水,持久保湿效果。
  • 改善皮肤对外界的抵抗力,防止肌肉粗糙和干燥。
  • 你也可以使用下一个更耐用的化妆水。

如何使用 :

  1. 洁面后,用棉花涂抹器,乳液系统使用相同。
  2. 如果与其他品牌的乳液一起使用,即在第一次洗液和水分后使用。




COSME DECORTE Prime Latte Essential Softening Milk 150ml



  • Nutritional value is very high avocado, and other fruits and plant extracts four kinds of natural plant oils with the soft muscle emulsion.
  • Just add the usual toner before use, long-lasting moisturizing effect. Improve the skin's resistance to the outside world to prevent muscle rough and dry.
  • You can also use the next ho use lotion more saturated.


How to use :

  1. After cleansing, with cotton applicator, lotion system using the same.
  2. If used with other brands of lotion, that is, after the first lotion and moisture.



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COSME DECORTE 黛珂 牛油果乳 COSME DECORTE Prime Latte Essential Softening Milk 150ml

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