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台湾 COSMOS Pink Lady 3M 持久透气双眼皮贴 S号 30pairs


  • 东方人常因眼部较早,多单眼皮或双眼皮缩小, 常因上眼睑被皮瓣覆盖与眼裂扩展的其他因素而烦恼, 许人甚至于采纳现代医学科技割双眼皮, 然失败者不计其数甚而造成无法弥补的缺憾。
  • 本公司为了解决您以上的烦恼,特别研发推出医学专用贴布, 安全可靠既透气且柔软适中,当您流汗, 游泳时也不易解除使您的眼眸充分表现迷人的风采。
  • 长24.5mm高1.6mm



  1. 使用前,先用化妆水清洁眼部。
  2. 用夹子轻轻将已成型的透气胶带取下 依您的眼型及配合您的化妆方式,适度地调高,低,左,右或作适度替代。
  3. 妆贴好后,即可轻易上妆。
  4. 卸妆时,只须轻轻从另一端撕下,再用化妆水清理即可。




COSMOS Pink Lady 3M Double Eyelid Tape S Size 30pairs


  • Orientals often shrink single or double eyelids due to early eyes.
  • It is often troubled by other factors that the upper eyelid is covered by the flap and the eye cleft expands Xu people even adopted modern medical technology to cut double eyelids
  • However, countless losers have caused irreparable shortcomings.
  • In order to solve your troubles above, our company has specially developed and launched medical special patch, Safe and reliable, breathable and soft and moderate, when you sweat, It’s not easy to get rid of it when swimming so that your eyes can fully express the charming style.


How to use:

  1. Before use, clean the eyes with toner.
  2. Use a clip to gently remove the formed breathable tape
  3. According to your eye shape and the way you make up, adjust it up, down, left, and right appropriately or make appropriate substitutions.
  4. After the makeup is applied, you can easily apply makeup.
  5. When removing makeup, just gently tear it off from the other end and clean it up with toner.



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台湾 COSMOS Pink Lady 3M 持久透气双眼皮贴 S号 30pairs Double Eyelid Tape S Size 30pairs

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