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日本COTTON LABO白元株式会社 吸油面纸 75枚入 #爽洁型


  • 采用了只吸收皮脂的特殊薄膜,只去除多余油光,留下水分。
  • 吸收皮脂后,薄膜颜色变为透明,一眼即可知道去除程度。
  • 一旦皮肤油脂分泌旺盛,并不及时去除脸部多余的油脂,会容易引起毛孔堵塞,产生痘痘。

  • 这款吸油纸独特触感轻柔的创新面料,轻盈柔韧,温和亲近你的肌肤,吸着力强,可把脸部出油部分统统消除,长时间控制油脂分泌,携带方便。

  • 特种的薄膜材料,比同类产品高3倍的超强吸收力。

  • 独创性采取医学用特种高分子聚脂薄膜,由无数极微细小孔组成高效吸油表面,可以完全吸收肌肤多余的皮脂和毛孔深处的油垢,且吸收力特强,更是纸类产品的3倍!
  • 植物配方,吸油彻底,还原清爽面容。
  • 丝柔触感,带来舒适的使用感觉。
  • 及时除去脸部的多余油脂,并同时为您补妆。
  • 质地柔软,吸着力强。
  • 外包装轻巧可爱,携带方便,使妆容清爽靓丽!
  • 用后肌肤感觉特别干爽,洁净,舒适!
  • 聚脂薄膜柔软坚韧不破损,使用时不用担心残留于面部,常用防止粉刺形成。
  • 适合混合型及油性肌肤。
  • 綠膜吸油和汗液



  • 使用时先在T区轻轻按压,避免直接摩擦肌肤。
  • 再由内而外向脸的其他区域,轻轻按压即可全部吸收脸部多余油脂。




COTTON LABO Oil Clear Refresh Film Blotting Paper 75pcs


  • It is a soft type of film-type oil-absorbing gentle to skin.
  • With excellent absorbency, 2 or 3 sheets of paper type are required, too, with oil film with 1 film OK.
  • As the sebum is absorbed, the color of the film changes and becomes transparent.
  • Feel at a glance the degree of removal.
  • For special films, Oil Clear Film only takes extra sebum and keeps moisture of the skin.
  • While keeping the necessary moisture for your skin, absorb only the excess sebum quickly and firmly, which will also cause make-up collapse.

    There are innumerable micro holes in the film itself, and the forces are confined in the hole, so it does not go backwards.

  • In addition to the same function additionally sweat is double absorbed.
  • Even if you sweat, it will not break easily, care will be taken gently when sweaty or an afternoon sweaty season.


How to use:

  1. When using, press gently on the T zone to avoid rubbing the skin directly.
  2. From the inside out to other areas of the face, gently press to absorb all the excess oil on the face.



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

日本COTTON LABO白元株式会社 吸油面纸 75枚入 #爽洁型 Oil Clear Refresh Film Blotting Paper 75pcs

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