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日本COW牛乳石硷共进社 精油嫩肤泡泡浴 泡澡浴盐 #治愈森林 30g


  • 独家配方”泡沫长时间保持处方”,让浓密泡沫滋养全身,享受悠闲的泡澡时光。
  • 含保湿成分,使身体每一部分都可以得到滋润。



  1. 注入约5CM高度的热水后(约180L),倒入1包(30g)搅拌均匀
  2. 再用莲蓬头在浴缸上面淋水约2分钟泡沫会更加细致




COW Soap Bubble & Aroma Bath Salt #Healing Forest 30g


  • Exclusive formula "Foam keeps prescription for a long time", let dense foam nourish the whole body and enjoy a leisurely bath
  • Contains moisturizing ingredients, so that every part of the body can be moisturized


How to use:

  1. After pouring hot water with a height of about 5CM (about 180L), pour into 1 bag (30g) and stir well
  2. Then use a shower head to spray water on the bathtub for about 2 minutes. The foam will be more detailed



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牛乳石硷 精油嫩肤泡泡浴盐 #治愈森林 COW Soap Bubble & Aroma Bath Salt #Healing Forest

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