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日本 COW 牛乳石碱 浓密泡沫牛奶保湿沐浴露 500ml


浓密泡沫守住肌肤润泽,高保湿沐浴乳。 极细浓密的泡沫不给肌肤添加任何负担,洗净后不干涩紧绷,持续丰富的滋润感。 内含美肌成分(玻尿酸、胶原蛋白、牛乳)。 添加呵护干燥肌的植物由来的保湿成分。







COW Bouncia Body Wash 500ml


Highly moisturizing body soap produces rich, dense bubbling foam that’s gentle and smooth on the skin. Formulated with shea butter, hyaluronic acid and collagen to preserve moisture.


How to use:

Pour an appropriate amount of shower gel on a towel or sponge, gently rub the foam to the whole body, and then wash it off with water.



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牛乳石碱 浓密泡沫牛奶保湿沐浴露 COW Bouncia Body Wash 500ml

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