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日本 COW 牛乳石硷共进社 精油嫩肤泡泡浴 泡澡浴盐 #洋甘菊香


  • 对于大多数白领而言,在紧张的工作之后回到家,给自己一点空间和时间,做一个全身SPA,有效缓解我们的疲惫感,
  • 同样有效缓解对于长时间久坐空调室而带来的不适感,温暖手脚由内而外的保养美丽自己,泡泡澡舒服一下吧。
  • 美容配方新感触,胶原蛋白和牛奶成分融合,泡沫丰富,气味芬芳,美容放松,愉快嬉戏都令人满足!



  1. 用温水装满浴缸,取一小袋倒入里面,搅拌均匀。
  2. 享受大约 10-15 分钟的标准沐浴护理。不能喝。
  3. 洗完澡后好好冲洗身体。




COW Soap Awatoro Bubble & Aroma Jewelry Aroma Bath Salt #Sleeping Aroma


  • For most white-collar workers, returning home after intense work, give yourself a little space and
    time, and do a full-body SPA, which can effectively relieve our fatigue and also effectively relieve the discomfort caused by long-term sitting in the air-conditioned room.
  •  Warm your hands and feet to maintain your beauty from the inside out, take a bubble bath and feel comfortable.
  • The new touch of beauty formula, the fusion of collagen and milk ingredients, rich foam, fragrant smell, relaxing beauty, and enjoyable play are all satisfying!


How to use:

  1. Fill the bath with warm water, take a sachet and pour inside, mix well.
  2. Enjoy a standard bath treatment for around 10-15 minutes.
  3. DO NOT drink.
  4. Rinse your body well after the bath



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牛乳石硷 精油嫩肤泡泡浴盐 #洋甘菊香 COW Soap Bubble & Aroma Bath Salt #Sleeping Aroma

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