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日本CREAMODO Decora Girl Seed Radar 药用美白乳液 100ml


  • 使用完化妝水後,以美白乳液進一步加強保湿效果,滋润不油腻的质感,可以令皮肤瞬間地吸收,長期使用更有抗衰老的效用。




CREAMODO Decora Girl Seed Radar Medicated Whitening Milk 100ml


  • After using the toner, use a whitening lotion to further enhance the moisturizing effect. The moisturizing and non-greasy texture can be absorbed by the skin instantly, and long-term use will have more anti-aging effects!



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CREAMODO Decora Girl Seed Radar 药用美白乳液 100ml Medicated Whitening Milk 100ml

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