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日本CREAMODO Decora Girl Radar 药用美白精华液 30ml


  • 將多种有利肌肤的成浓缩成美白精华,能夠防止色班及雀班的形成,令肌肤保持无瑕,更富光泽。
  • 加入了三重透明質酸及膠原蛋白的化妝水,除了滋潤乾燥的肌膚外,同時改善粉刺、暗瘡等皮膚問題,塑造良好的膚質。



  1. 取适量(500日元硬币大小)于手掌或棉花上,轻轻涂抹于肌肤。




CREAMODO Decora Girl Seed Radar Medicated Whitening Serum 30ml


  • It is a medicinal essence that you can feel the effect of W firmly whitening & firmly moisturizing.
  • Nano ceramide, from the inside of your skin plump moisturized skin firmly.
  • The whitening ingredient "water soluble placenta" suppresses the formation of melanin, leading to the clear brightness of the skin.
  • Due to high humidity, whitening ingredients penetrate deep into your skin.
  • It is an anti-inflammatory ingredient "Glycyrrhizic acid 2K" formulation, it can be used for people with rough skin.


How to use:

  1. Take an appropriate amount (500 yen coin size) in the palm of your hand or Cotton and apply it gently to your skin.



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日本CREAMODO Decora Girl Radar 药用美白精华液 30ml Seed Medicated Whitening Serum 30ml

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