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日本CREER BEAUTE 凡尔赛玫瑰 浸润透亮弹力保湿面膜 1pcs 


  • 当中蕴含黄金成份,滋润力更为提高,
  • 另含石榴花提取物、山茶花提取物等数类植物提取物,还有透明质酸,能为肌肤注入充沛水份。
  • 保湿的同时塑造弹力细嫩肌肤,散发清新桃子香气。
  • 是水蜜桃味的。
  • 精华很充足,用完感觉皮肤嫩嫩的很有弹性,摸上去滑了很多,肤色也提亮了不少。
  • 奥斯卡深层白透明亮肌面膜每张注满27ml美容液,当中蕴含珍珠粉、针叶樱桃萃取物、玫瑰水、四季柑果皮萃取物、葡萄柚皮萃取物及透明质酸,能为肌肤注入充沛水份,同时有效锁水,并让肌肤倍添明亮光采,具有透明感的肌肤闪闪生辉,倾倒众生。



  1. 先将脸洗净,用化妆水调理一下肌肤,取出面膜覆盖于脸上。
  2. 在脸上停留5~15分钟后即可取下。
  3. 面膜袋内有多余的保湿美容液请均匀涂抹于手脚等身体肌肤,给全身温和的滋润呵护。




CREER BEAUTE La Rose De Versailles Face Mask Gold 1pcs


  • With precious gold, pomegrante flower extract, camellia extract, hyaluronic acid (moisturizing), phospholipids (skin protection).
  • Using a high penetration mask paper, the high-quality fiber and unique three layers design ensures mask adheres close to your skin allowing skin to fully absorb the beauty essence.
  • Paraben free with white peach scent.


How to use:

  1. Remove the mask from the bag and spread apart.
  2. Put the mask on the face according to the position of the mouth and eyes area.
  3. Remove the mask about 10-15 minutes later, gently massage your face to fully absorb the remaining beauty essence.



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日本CREER BEAUTE 凡尔赛玫瑰 浸润透亮弹力保湿面膜 1pcs La Rose De Versailles Face Mask Gold 1pcs

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