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日本CREER BEAUTE 凡尔赛玫瑰 奥斯卡白透亮保湿面膜 1片入


  •  配有药用美白成分传明酸
  • 可抑制黑色素、防止皱纹、雀斑,可使肌肤晶莹洁白。
  • 打造柔嫩美肌
  • 配有“芦荟精华”,“透明质酸,”“洋甘菊精华”,“Lipidure(甲基丙烯酰氧乙基磷酸胆堿-甲基丙烯酸丁酯的共聚物)”4种滋润成分。
  • 可令肌肤柔嫩富有弹性。
  • 打造滋润美肌
  • 采用“紧密贴合浸透面膜”。
  • 不仅触感细腻柔滑,而且因是高吸收性的三层构造,所以含有大量美容液。
  • 通过紧密贴合的效果,让美容成分深入渗透到肌肤深层(深层角质层)。



  1. 洁面后,敷上面膜约5-10分钟(干燥肌肤可敷15-20分钟)。
  2. 取下面膜,将剩余的护肤精华涂匀脸上。




CREER BEAUTE Oscar Medicated White Mask 1pcs


  • Is a facial sheet mask enriched with a medicated skin whitening ingredient to reduce pigmentation and uneven skin tone and also suppress further melanin production.
  • Moisturising ingredients such as lipidure, hyaluronic acid, aloe extract and chamomille extract provide elasticity to the skin, leaving it supple.
  • A soft three-layer structure adheres to the skin and deliver the beauty ingredients to your skin effectively.


How to use:

  1. After cleansing and toning, apply the mask to your face.
  2. Leave it for 10-15 minutes then remove.
  3. Gently massage for better absorption of the remaining essence.



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日本CREER BEAUTE 凡尔赛玫瑰 奥斯卡白透亮保湿面膜 1片入 CREER BEAUTE Oscar Medicated White Mask 1pcs

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