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日本 CYBER COLORS  清爽强力吸油纸 160pcs


  • 小巧可爱,携带方便,160张很经用。



  1. 使用时先在T区轻轻按压,避免直接摩擦肌肤。
  2. 再由内而外向脸的其他区域,轻轻按压即可全部吸收脸部多余油脂。




CYBER COLORS Oil Blotting Paper 160pcs


  • Small and cute, easy to carry, 160 sheets are very useful.

  • Effectively removes excess shine everywhere and anytime.


How to use:

  1. When using, press gently on the T zone to avoid rubbing the skin directly.
  2. From the inside out to other areas of the face, gently press to absorb all the excess oil on the face.



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日本 CYBER COLORS 清爽强力吸油纸 160pcs CYBER COLORS Oil Blotting Paper 160pcs

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