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日本 D-UP 假睫毛小恶魔的眼睛棕色混合 #914 2pairs


  • DUP的“ Eyelash 900 Series Brown Mix”是Tsukematsuge系列中的第四款产品,它是与CanCam杂志中的活跃模特Aiku Maikawa合作开发的!
  • 基于“成人可爱,优雅自然”的概念,这是一个tsukematsu,以棕色一体机的精美色彩创造出深刻的效果。
  • 914小魔鬼眼是加长轴向度和整体体积的长型。
  • (透明的根部)根部 浓密,眼睛清晰!
  • 适用于小眼睫毛,眼角处有束状的感觉。



  1.  从托盘中取出假睫毛。                                                                                                                                     * 用镊子(镊子等)轻轻小心地将假睫毛根部从边缘剥离。                                                                 * 剥离后请清除假睫毛上残留的胶水。
  2.  剪短以适合您的眼睛。
  3. 关键是让它比眼睛的宽度短。
  4.  将假睫毛专用粘合剂(Eyelash Fixer EX 552)涂在假睫毛根部,使其不会均匀挤出。
  5. 涂抹后,等待数十秒,让粘合剂从乳白色干燥至透明。
  6. 粘贴前一定要晾干。
  7. 沿着睫毛的发际线涂上假睫毛。
  8. 眼睛向下(眼睛朝下),贴上假睫毛,从眼睛中央向两侧轻轻按压。
  9. 最后,将它与自己的睫毛混合,自然完成。
  10. 取下时,握住假睫毛,从眼角轻轻取下假睫毛。
  11. 将其放回托盘并存放,以免弄脏或弄脏。
  12. 假睫毛可以反复使用。
  13. 下次使用或粘合力减弱时 , 您可以通过与上述相同的方式再次涂抹粘合剂来重复使用相同的假睫毛




D-UP Little Devil Eyes Brown Mix Eyelash Wick #914 2pairs


  • DUP’s "Eyelash 900 Series Brown Mix" is the fourth product in the Tsukematsuge series, and it was developed in collaboration with Aiku Maikawa, an active model in CanCam magazine!
  • Based on the concept of "adult cute, elegant and natural", this is a tsukematsu that creates a deep effect with the exquisite color of the brown all-in-one machine.
  • 914 Little Devil's Eye is a long type with longer axial degree and overall volume.
  • (Transparent root) root Thick, clear eyes!
  • It is suitable for small eyelashes with a bunchy feel at the corners of the eyes.


How to use:

  1.  Remove the false eyelashes from the tray.                                                                                                  * Use tweezers (tweezers, etc.) to gently and carefully peel off the base of the false eyelashes from the edge.                                                                                                                                    * Please remove the glue left on the false eyelashes after peeling.
  2. Cut the length to fit your eyes.
  3. The point is to make it shorter than the eye width.
  4. Apply the adhesive for false eyelashes (Eyelash Fixer EX 552) to the base of the false eyelashes so that it does not squeeze out evenly.
  5. After application, wait tens of seconds for the adhesive to dry from milky white to clear.
  6. Be sure to dry it before gluing.
  7. Apply false eyelashes along the hairline of the eyelashes.
  8. With your eyes down (with your eyes facing down), attach false eyelashes, and lightly press from the center of your eyes toward both sides.
  9. Finally, blend it with your own eyelashes to finish it naturally.
  10. When removing, hold the ends of the false eyelashes and gently remove the false eyelashes from the corners of the eyes.
  11. Return it to the tray and store it so that it will not get dusty or dirty.
  12. False eyelashes can be used repeatedly.
  13. The next time you use it or when the adhesive strength weakens,you can use the same false eyelashes repeatedly by applying the adhesive again in the same way as above.



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

日本 D-UP 假睫毛小恶魔的眼睛棕色混合 #914 2pairs Little Devil Eyes Brown Mix Eyelash Wick #914

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