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日本D-UP 单面隐形双眼皮胶贴 144枚入


  • 轻松在眼睑上形成深而自然的折痕。
  • 使用时,肤色印刷胶带是不可见的。
  • 它非常灵活,就像胶布一样贴合。
  • 对皮肤温和。防水防汗。
  • 持续一整天。



* 使用胶带前,请擦去眼睑上的污垢或皮脂。

  1. 闭上眼睛,将胶带放在理想的双眼皮线下。
  2. 使用 S-stick 的表面用力按压胶带。
  3. 慢慢睁开眼睛,大功告成!



D-UP Wonder One-side Eyelid Tape 144pcs


  • One of the most popular double eyelid tapes in Japan.
  • Super strong holding double sided medical-use adhesive tape specially made to create an ideal double eyelid.
  • Enables you to make a deep and natural eyelid crease.
  • Clear 0.09mm ultra-thin tape is invisible when applied and stays inside the double eyelid crease all day long.
  • High resistance against water/sweat and long lasting.
  • Eyelid Tape Single-sided:Invisible Double Eyelid Adhesive Tape.
  • Special skin tone printed tape that camouflage with your skin when applied.
  • Super flexible to fit any eyelid and strong resistance against water/sweat.


How to use:

* Wipe off any dirt or sebum on the eyelid before applying the tape.

  1. Close the eyes and place the tape under the ideal double eyelid line.
  2. Press the tape firmly using surface of the S-stick.

  3. Open the eyes slowly and done!



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日本D-UP 单面隐形双眼皮胶贴 144枚入 D-UP Wonder One-side Eyelid Tape 144pcs

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