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日本 DAISO 大创 ER美白药用乳液 120ml


  • 有效抑制肌肤黑色素沉着,提亮肤色
  • 带走油光,让肌肤毛孔通通躲起来
  • 滋润干燥肌肤,让肌肤水嫩细滑



  1. 早晚洁面后
  2. 首先使用大创美白化妆水
  3. 然后取适量大创美白乳液于手心
  4. 轻轻揉开均匀地涂抹在脸部并进行拍打 直至吸收。




DAISO ER Medicated Whitening Milky Lotion 120ml


  • This Lotion contains pig placenta extract, which is absorbed deep down into the skin, helping to prevent damage and wrinkles due to sun damage, and preserving a radiant complexion, free from dullness.


How to use:

  1. Morning and evening after cleansing
  2. First use Daiso Whitening Lotion
  3. Then take an appropriate amount of Daiso Whitening Milky Lotion
  4. Gently rub off and apply evenly on the face and pat until absorbed.



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日本 DAISO 大创 ER美白药用乳液 120ml DAISO ER Medicated Whitening Milky Lotion 120ml

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