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Daiso 大創 日本 ER美白 滋潤淡斑化妝精華水 120ml


  • 可以解決因空調或紫外線照射引起的肌膚乾燥、粗糙的困擾!
  • 精華水特有的美容成分可消除皮膚灰暗,由內而外淨化肌膚。
  • 精華水含有白芍藥,甘草,當歸等多種中草藥萃取成分,安全有效,美白效果極佳!
  • 精華水中含有“珍珠提取液”促進細胞分裂,可以幫助肌膚恢復正常的新陳代謝,從而實現健康、透明的美麗膚質。



  1. 早晚做爽膚水使用,取水量於手心,輕輕拍打臉部,直到吸收為止。
  2. 搭配美白乳液效果更好。




DAISO ER Whitening Medicated Lotion 120ml


  • A medicinal instant whitening toner with a despeckling effect that neutralizes vitamin C for a long time to moisturize the skin.
  • Solve the problem of dry and rough skin caused by air conditioning or ultraviolet radiation.
  • Meet the diverse needs of customers from different angles, and be able to experience instant whitening and lasting nourishment at any time.
  • Pearl extract promotes cell division and helps the skin restore normal metabolism for healthy, transparent and beautiful skin.
  • Including various Chinese herbal extracts such as white peony, licorice, and angelica.


How to use:

  1. Morning and evening after cleansing
  2. First use Daiso ER Medicated Whitening Lotion
  3. Then take an appropriate amount of lotion Gently rub off and apply evenly on the face and pat until absorbed.



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Daiso 大創 日本 ER美白 滋潤淡斑化妝精華水 120ml DAISO ER Whitening Medicated Lotion 120ml

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