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日本 DAISO 大创 ER药用美白化妆水 120ml


  • 提亮肤色美白肌肤,珍珠精华+维生素C远离暗黄还原白皙。
  • 添加胎盘素,促进细胞再生,抑制衰老修护肌肤。
  • 补水保湿,锁住水分,令肌肤时刻水嫩。



  1. 早晚洁面后
  2. 首先使用大创美白化妆水
  3. 然后取适量乳液于手心
  4. 轻轻揉开均匀地涂抹在脸部并进行拍打 直至吸收。




DAISO White Medicated Whitening Essence 30ml


  • Contains placenta, aloe leaf extract, citric acid and other whitening ingredients.
  • Brighten dark complexion effectively, dilute freckles, make the skin bright and flawless.
  • Hydra essence, after use the skin fresh and comfortable, not greasy.
  • Multiple effects: Brighten skin colour, lighten freckles, and moisturizing.


How to use:

  1. After cleansing and toning, apply appropriate amount onto the face.



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日本 DAISO 大创 ER药用美白化妆水 120ml DAISO White Medicated Whitening Essence 30ml

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