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日本DARIYA 浏海便利魔法氈 #粉红


  • 化妝、保养、冼脸的好帮手。
  • 简单、便利。
  • 重复性使用,取下后,不留痕跡。



  1. 轻轻贴在想固定的地方。




DARIYA Bangs Guard Magic Sheet #Pink 1pcs


  • Holds bangs without making any marks on hair.
  • Perfect for makeups.
  • Magic sheet makes it easy to use for short hair.
  • Pink ribbon shape.


How to use:

  1. Lightly sticking to the place you want to stick.



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日本DARIYA 浏海便利魔法氈 #粉红 DARIYA Bangs Guard Magic Sheet #Pink 1pcs

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