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日本DARIYA塔莉雅 单键泡沫染发膏 #4号浅褐色 50g


  • 性质温和,对头发的伤害很小,染完以后会感觉头发特别顺滑有光泽。
  • 染后可以保持较长时间,不易掉色。
  • 使用非常方便,操作简单,创新的泡沫质地,在染发过程乐趣无穷。
  • 请在染发前进行过敏测试。



  1. 打开盖子,上下摇晃20次左右。
  2. 将盒子背面虚线处按开,将瓶子插入其中,按压手柄,打出的泡泡会有两种颜色。
  3. 把按钮按到底,不然会导致两种颜色泡沫出得不均匀,瓶身尽量不要太倾斜。
  4. 将充裕的泡沫涂抹于干发上,发际线以画圈的方式涂抹。
  5. 仔细涂抹搓揉至发根和鬓角内侧,白发多的地方再着重涂抹。
  6. 等待20-25分钟,若发质较硬白发较多可以适当延染发时间。




DARIYA Salon De Pro Foam Type Hair Colour Extra #4 Light Brown 50g


  • It is mild in nature and has little damage to the hair.
  • After dyeing, it will feel particularly smooth and shiny.
  • It can be kept for a long time after dyeing and is not easy to fade.
  • Very convenient to use, easy to operate, innovative foam texture, fun in the dyeing process.
  • Please perform an allergy test before dyeing.


How to use:

  1. Open the lid and shake it up and down about 20 times.
  2. Press the dotted line on the back of the box, insert the bottle into it, press the handle, and the bubble will have two colors.
  3. Press the button to the end, otherwise it will cause the two color bubbles to be uneven, and the bottle should not be too inclined.
  4. Apply ample foam to the dry hair and apply the hairline in a circular motion.
  5. Carefully spread the sputum to the inside of the hair roots and the corners of the horns.
  6. Wait for 20-25 minutes. If the hair is harder and more white, you can delay the dyeing time.



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DARIYA 塔莉雅 单键泡沫染发膏 #4号浅褐色 50g Foam Type Hair Colour Extra #4 Light Brown 50g

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