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DENTALPRO 牙周问题预防牙刷 #颜色随机发货 1pcs


  • DentalPro W Soft Compact Head 牙刷采用超细刷毛,可伸入牙周袋,保持牙龈健康并避免牙龈疾病牙周炎。
  • 边缘处理过的刷毛可清除牙齿表面的牙菌斑。
  • 在一次国际会议上发表的一篇科学论文将这种牙刷描述为帮助牙龈敏感的人预防牙周病。
  • 日本制造。


  1. 清洁上颌牙齿外表面,再清洁下颌牙齿外表面
  2. 清洁上颌牙齿内表面,再清洁下颌牙齿内表面
  3. 清洁牙齿的咀嚼面
  4. 要想口气清新,还要刷一下舌头




DENTALPRO W Soft Toothbrush #Random Color 1pcs


  • ultra slim bristles that reach into periodontal pockets keeping your gums healthy and avoid the gum disease periodontitis.
  • The edge processed bristles clean plaque off the tooth surface.
  • A scientific paper presented at an international conference decribed this toothbrush as helping prevent periodontal disease for people who have sensitive gums.
  • Made in Japan.


How to use:

  1. Start with the outer surfaces of your teeth. 
  2. Tilt your brush at a 45° angle. 
  3. Brush the inner surface of your teeth.
  4. Clean the chewing surfaces of your teeth. 
  5. Brush your tongue.



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DENTALPRO 牙周问题预防牙刷 #颜色随机发货 1pcs W Soft Toothbrush #Random Color 1pcs

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