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日本 DHC 蓝莓护眼精华 40pcs


  • 将含有花青素的蓝莓提取物与万寿菊和含有叶黄素,维生素B1,B,B6和B12的类胡萝卜素混合


  1. 每天约2片
  2. ,请用温水服用。




DHC Blueberry Eye Serum Capsule 40pcs


  • Blueberry extract containing anthocyanins is mixed with marigold and carotenoids containing lutein, vitamins B1, B, B6 and B12

How to eat:

  1. About 2 tablets per day Please enjoy.
  2. Enjoy with water or lukewarm water.



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日本 DHC 蓝莓护眼精华 40pcs DHC Blueberry Eye Serum Capsule 40tablets

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