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日本DHC 蝶翠诗保湿护唇膏 蜂蜜味


  • DHC 橄榄护唇膏含丰富橄榄、人蔘、芦荟等天然植物精华,其成分近似保护肌肤的皮脂膜。
  • 而芦荟成分则可防止唇部乾裂,保持双唇水嫩感.
  • 精油华的渗透性极佳,故使用後并无任何厚重黏腻感,同样可深层滋润双唇,并在唇上形成如薄纱般的保护层.



  1. 当双唇感到乾燥时,随时随地轻柔薄涂於双唇,即可享受极佳的保湿润唇效果.




DHC Lip Cream conditioning lip balm


  • Provides long-lasting moisture for more luscious-looking lips.


How to use:

  1. Apply gentle thin lips when the lips feel dry , you can enjoy excellent moisturizing Lip effect.



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日本DHC 蝶翠诗保湿护唇膏 蜂蜜味 DHC Flavored Moisture Lip Cream Honey

SKU: 3022033201
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