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日本DHC 清香保湿唇膏薄荷 1.5 g      


  • DHC 保濕潤唇膏能與雙脣自然融合,塗抹一次即可持久保持水潤、亮澤。
  • 配以蘆薈精華、薄荷和維生素等修護滋養成分。
  • 有效防止雙脣粗糙、乾裂,令雙脣展現柔滑亮麗的生動魅力。
  • 不含香料、色素,脆弱肌膚也能安心使用!
  • 通過臨床測試。特別適用於嚴重乾燥嘴唇。



  1. 取適量均勻塗於唇部即可。




DHC Flavored Moisture Lip Cream Mint 1.5g


  • DHC Lip Care can gives you an all-round care for your lips!
  • It contains Mint extract and vitamin which brings moisture to the lips and relieves the problem of chapped lips.
  • It has superior moisture retention power, and protects your lips against being chafed or chapped.
  • Patented formula achieves phenomenal softness. It melts and spreads smoothly onto lips.


How to use:

  1. Apply Lip Color evenly and smoothly across lips without dragging or skipping.



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日本DHC 清香保湿唇膏薄荷 1.5 g DHC Flavored Moisture Lip Cream Mint 1.5g

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