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日本DHC 防紫外线UV保湿润唇膏 SPF20 PA+ 1.5g


  • 不只出门,我们在家也要防紫外线~
  • 这款唇膏除了保持以往的保湿功能, 还比以往多了防紫外线的功能!
  • 无着色、无香料,保湿+防紫外线
  • 配合保湿、保护作用优越的橄榄油、 维他命C诱导体、维他命E
  • 防晒系数SPF20PA+保护美美的嘴唇不受紫外线摧残!
  • 唇膏添加了丰富的橄榄精华油,更是防晒系列,可抗UV防紫外线,有SPF20 PA+ 。
  • 由于橄榄精华油具有极佳的渗透性,因此使用后不会产生不适的厚重黏腻感,成分中搭配了芦荟等天然植物精华,能防止唇部干裂,让双唇更加水嫩亮丽。



  1. 乾燥時使用或一天使用2次。




DHC UV Moisture Lip Cream SPF20 PA+ 1.5g


  • With SPF 20 PA+, it firmly protects thin and delicate lips from UV rays which cause dullness and roughness.
  • Olive virgin oil excellent in moisturizing and protective effects: Provides moisture to the lips and moisturizes it moistly and gently.
  • Vitamin C derivative, vitamin E blended: It prepares a texture that tends to be disturbed by ultraviolet rays, and keeps a refreshing lips with a sense of transparency.
  • Sticky / smooth fit: It is also recommended as a base for lipstick.


How to use:

  1. Apply Lip Color evenly and smoothly across lips without dragging or skipping.



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日本DHC 防紫外线UV保湿润唇膏 SPF20 PA+ 1.5g DHC UV Moisture Lip Cream SPF20 PA+ 1.5g

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